New Kitten Important Dates

Your New Kitten

Congratulations on your new kitten. It is exciting when you bring your new kitten home, but please keep in mind that your kitten is relying on you for continued health and happiness.  Here is a list of important dates for you to remember to ensure your kitten has a happy healthy life:

Kitten care6-8 weeks

  • F3 vaccination if kitten is in a high risk area (eg cattery or pet shop)
  • Worming at 6 and 8 weeks of age (eg popantel/milbemax/profender spot-on)

12 weeks

  • F3 vaccination
  • Worming (eg popantel/milbemax/profender spot-on)
  • Flea prevention (eg frontline/advantage/revolution)
  • Microchipping

16 weeks

  • F3 Vaccination
  • Flea prevention (eg frontline/advantage/revolution/ program injection)
  • Worming (eg popantel/milbemax/profender spot-on)

Vet care for your kitten5-6 months

  • Desexing
  • Worming and then every 3 months
  • Flea Prevention (eg frontline/advantage/revolution)
  • Microchipping (if not done previously)

15-16 months and Annually

  • F3 vaccination
  • Worming every 3 months
  • Flea prevention (eg frontline/ advantage/revolution/Program injection)