Our Services

We have a purpose built veterinary hospital featuring:

Ulladulla Veterinary Hospital Reception


treats large animals

  • Reception and waiting room
  • 3 consulting rooms with non slip table tops
  • Dog and cat wards with stainless steel cages.
  • We have brick lined runs for larger dogs
  • Isolation ward
  • Well equipped surgery room with gaseous anaesthetic machines and advanced anaesthetic monitoring equipment to measure cardiac and respiratory function, blood pressure and temperature
  • X-rays are taken and developed in our hospital
  • Infusion pumps to deliver accurate and controlled delivery of intravenous fluids
  • Ultrasound machine for diagnosing problems with internal organs
  • Endoscope
  • Extensive pharmacy
  • Laboratory equipped with haematology and biochemistry blood machines, a microscope, centrifuges and apparatus for urinalysis
  • Large range of quality pet care and dietary products

We are the only veterinary surgeons in the Milton/Ulladulla region who treat large and farm animals.
We treat and provide surgery for horses, cattle, goats, donkeys, sheep, alpacas, and pigs.